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On Friday, February 1st, Marci and I invited 19 of our friends from Houston to journey with us to New Orleans for the 2008 M.O.M.s ball.  Attempting to herd this many cats is never easy but being a native New Orleanian, a city that prides itself on hospitality, we were up for the challenge!

Knowing that keeping the cats corralled for any length of time would be impossible, I asked that we all meet at the Swizzle Stick Bar to meet my brother, the provider of all things MOMs- especially tickets!

The Swizzle Stick bar is owned by the Brennan family who owns the world Famous Commander’s Palace Restaurant, the restaurant that started the careers of Emiril and  Che Paul Prudhomme, the restaurant that brought us tasty treats  such as Bananas Foster and Bread Pudding Soufflé.

Ti and Lally Brennan are the two sisters that opened the bar and named it aptly after their aunt Adelaide. The story is that Aunt Adelaide often wore a gold swizzle stick as a necklace and elegantly let it fall into her drinks where she would give them a gentle stir with it.

The swizzle stick bar is known for its exotic drinks and our crew had a fair sampling of such local favorites as the “brake Tags”, the “Adelaide Swizzle”, “Orgeat punch”, and of course the classic “Sazerac”!

Once we had prepared ourselves with the proper libations the group split with a some heading to the French quarter and the rest heading to a small Italian restaurant called Eleven-79.


The Gras!

2008 MOM's Ball

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